About us

In 2018, Md. Arif Haider, a promising pioneer in the industry of Export-Import trading business in Bangladesh, started a journey in the international trading industry with a vision to thrive with excellence and made a choice to uplift the trading industry of Bangladesh globally. Within this journey, Zeal International Limited has experienced numerous challenges and blessings and still has made its way to the place that was aimed. With an enthusiastic team paired up with related professional qualifications and skills, Zeal International Limited has succeeded to achieve a strong place in the global sector within this short period and progressing now and then with a growing trading business. Currently, Zeal International Limited is mainly operating its trade in Singapore, Malaysia, Srilanka, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Vietnam, Philippines and Russia. The sole products are ranged from textile, agro, poultry, fisheries, leather, jute goods and crafted accessories.

Our policy is to build a long-lasting relationship with our clients by not only meeting their orders but also by offering them a competitive advantage in the form of best price, in time delivery, best suitable delivery method and never tend to compromise with pre ordered schedule. We also follow the same professional practices with our exporters and suppliers that have made our network even stronger and continue to make progress altogether.

We are optimistic in encouraging other startups, small businesses and running businesses that are looking for good network and trading supports. Zeal International Limited is open for all to come ahead and move forward together in the global and local trading industry with harmony.

Our Vision

Our vision is to set a sustainably profitable Export-Import system while growing interest for foreign Investors in the local market and local suppliers to go global.

Our Mission

To attain competitive advantage by enhancing the quality of service and serving with secure trading scope and integrity.

Our Values

We are always focusing around a set of core values-highest quality, efficiency, safety and health, and respect for people.

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